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COVID Updates

Important Notes: 
***PARENTS/GUARDIANS: SJCSD Website has the most up-to-date COVID information including COVID Dashboard, Quarantine Help Guides, directions to access online textbooks and Schoology, and Health & Safety resources. Please click on the blue link above to access the webpage. 

***REMINDER:  Review the Health Questionnaire daily with your student.  Students MUST stay home from school when they are ill, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or if anyone in the household is COVID-19 positive.  Thank you for partnering with us to help protect the safety of all students and staff.

***TESTED POSITIVE?  To report a positive case of COVID-19, please first call the Department of Health at (904) 506-6081 for guidance on next steps.  To report that your student will be absent due to COVID-related issues, please call the school: 904-547-8410.