8th Grade Supply List 2019-2020

To be given to the homeroom teacher (can be brought to Open House or first day of school):

2 boxes Kleenex
1 roll of paper towels
1 packet of Graph Paper (any size)
1 bottle of clear hand sanitizer (8 oz. or more)
1 package of Clorox Wipes

Mandatory Student Supplies*** (to be replenished throughout the year):
1) TI-30xA Calculator (Must be this model)
2) Loose leaf paper (2 packages)
3) Colored Pencils
4) Mechanical pencils
5) Pens
6) Composition Book (2)
7) Flash Drive
8) Highlighters (4)
9) Index cards-lined
10) Earbuds (for computer lab days)
11) 1 inch 3-ring binders (4)

***Each individual teacher may have individual requests for their particular class (i.e.: notebook, folder, binder). These items will be communicated at the Open House event prior to school opening or on the first day or two of school.