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Testing Information


September 5th: 6th Grade ELA
September 7th:7th Grade ELA
September 8th: 8th Grade ELA
September 12th: 6th Grade Math
September 15th: 7th Grade Math/8th Grade Pre-Algebra

December 4th: 6th Grade ELA
December 5th: 7th Grade ELA
December 7th: 8th Grade ELA
December 11th: 6th Grade Math
December 12th: 7th Grade Math
December 14th: 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

April 1st: 6th Grade Writing
April 2nd: 7th Grade Writing
April 3rd: 8th Grade Writing
May 6th: 8th Grade Science
May 7th: Algebra and Geometry
May 9th: 6th Grade ELA
May 10th: 7th Grade ELA
May 13th: 8th Grade ELA
May 14th: 6th Grade Math
May 16th: 7th Grade Math/8th Grade Pre-Algebra

 All dates are subject to change. Please note that this section of our page will continue to be updated as we receive information. 

Additional Testing Assistance