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Science Fair

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Landrum Middle School Science Fair 2023-24

 Friday, November 17th 

On Friday, November 17th, more than 160 Landrum Middle School students competed in the Annual Landrum Science Fair.  Over 120 projects were judged in five different categories. 

 Landrum congratulates all of our student scientists!


1st – Irene Park -Emotional intelligence in artificial intelligence

2nd – Kobe Mott and Cooper Mayer – Correlation between reviews and enjoyment of a cookie

3rd –  William McBrayer and Joshua Khuen – Under Pressure

3rd– Sevi Neumayer – Can color affect taste?


1st – Ethan Rozen – My Mung Bean Has a Migraine

2nd – Ingrid Montans – The effect of niacinamide on the time of rose decay

3rd – Lucia Ellis – The results of watering basil with sugar H2O

HM – Rory Kerr – Rate of plant growth with red light versus white light

 Life Science

1st – Max Hydell – Composting superheroes

2nd – Benedicte Brown – The Effect of juice on yeast fermentation

3rd –  Amrutha Turlapati – Are Preservatives Affirmative?

HM –  Zachariah Potter – Aggression in Leopard Geckos

Chemistry 1

1st – Sophia Koppenhafer and Leighton Mackenzie  The Affect of Different Medications on the pH of Stomach Acid

2nd – Brian John James – Which drink causes the most visual damage to teeth?

3rd – Rebecca Conwell – Which Material of Biodegradable Hydrogels Will Absorb the Most Water?

Chemistry 2

1st – Abigail Kaltman-Exercise, losing or gaining carbon dioxide?

2nd – Maahi Ailawadhi – Drug Solubility

3rd – Sophia Chen-Frozen Sugar Water? How fast does it melt?

HM –  Rex Smith – Electrolyte truth

HM- Mackenzie O’Reilly – How baking soda affects cupcakes

Chemistry 3

1st – Sri Mysari  – Trust The Tarnish

2nd – Benjamin McLaughlin and Nathan Burns – The Effects of Storage Temperature on Battery Voltage

3rd – Chaithra Pulaputhuru –  Candle race

HM –  Brooklyn Brant and Lily Coltman  – Salt! Which one melts ice the fastest?

Physics 1

1st –  Jackson Miller – Does Roofing Tile Coating Affect Interior Temperature?

2nd – Cole Bergeman and James Nechayev -Speed Versus Heat

3rd –  Riley Edenfield and Charlotte Martin – How much can UV rays travel through different materials?

HM –  Fiona Willits -Rum, Bum, Bum! Rebound on a drum!

HM –  Zoe Walker – Lights, Camera, Action!

Physics 2

1st – Noah Weinroth and Sam Resnick   – Color:What are its effects on the temperature of birdhouses.

2nd – Rami Farmand – Does the hour of the day affect the amount of solar energy created

3rd –  Allison Mahoney and Laine Shaprio -Does SPF # Matter?

HM – Sasha Yan -Changing Textures of Slime with Borax

HM – Clara-Marie Viera and Everleigh Faircloth  Egg Drop: Parachute Size vs. Landing

Environmental Science

1st – Sophie Yan Liu -Turning Agricultural Waste into a Plastic Eater

2nd –  Madeline Coniglio -Methane Production from Food

2nd –  Jack Dauchy -Testing Plant Growth in a Martian Environment

3rd–  Abigail Squires and Brynn Preston -Sunshade’s Effect on Melting Glaciers

HM – Leila Dixon -What Eco-Friendly Material is Best to Build a Seawall With?




What do I need to do to participate in the Science Fair?

  1. Come up with a project idea.
  2. Fill out the Student entry form 2023
  3. Attend Science Fair checkpoint meetings Tuesdays at 1:50 (Room 355-Mr. Anzelmo).
  4. Complete background research and develop a research plan.
  5. Complete all required paperwork and get project approval.
  6. Conduct experiment, create presentation, and compete in the Science Fair. 
Tentative DateTopicTasks to complete by next Tuesday
Tuesday Aug. 22nd
  • First contact: Discuss project requirements
  • Discuss topics
  • Project Journal

Miss this meeting?  View these slides!

Week 1 Checkpoints 2022

  • Begin Project Journal, bring next week
Tuesday Aug. 29
  • Discuss background research and bibliography
  • Rules wizard

Miss this meeting? View these slides!

Week 2 Checkpoints

  • Create bibliography with minimum of 5 sources
Tuesday, Sept. 5th
  1. Outline Research Plan Requirements
  2. Answer questions about form
  3. Discuss how to submit paperwork Miss this meeting?  View these slides.  Week 3 Checkpoints
  • Visit rules wizard and determine forms needed
  • Complete research plan
  • Complete paperwork
Tuesday, Sept. 12th 
  1. Review research plan
  2. Troubleshoot paperwork issues
  3. General Help

Miss this meeting?  View these slides Week-4-Checkpoints

  • Revise forms and research plan as needed
Tuesday, Sept. 19th
  2. General Help
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed

Tuesday Sept. 26th

  1. Paperwork revisions
  2. General  help Miss this meeting? View these slides 
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed

 Tuesday Oct. 31st

Tuesday Nov. 7th 

Instructions for completing Final Project

Judging and presentation advice

Backboard handout

Day of the Science Fair Participant Instructions 2023

Tuesday, Nov. 14th

Final project due. 

Final meeting before Science Fair!

Day of the Science Fair Participant Instructions 2023

Friday, Nov. 17th


Project judging 8-12 in Multipurpose room.  Students present their projects. 

OPEN HOUSE 6-7 pm.

Come and see all of the projects!

February 6, 2024St. Johns County Science Fair 
April 2-4, 2024Florida State Science and Engineering Fair 




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