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Science Fair

Determine what forms you will need for your project:

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2022-23 Science Fair Forms

2022-2023 SSEF Abstract Form

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Forms Summary

Detailed Forms summary

Second Detailed Forms Summary

Power Point for Forms 1, 1A, 1B

All ISEF Rules:

ISEF Rules and Guidelines Link


Research Plan

Detailed Research Plan Instructions

Sample research plan

Research Plan Instructions for Projects Requiring SRC or IRB Approval:

Human Subjects Research Plan

Vertebrate Animals Research Plan

Microorganisms and Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Research Plan

BSL-1safety checklist

Use of Hazardous Chemicals, Activities, or Devices Research Plan

Engineering Projects Research Plan

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Backboard handout

Binder handout

Landrum Middle School Science Fair 2022-23

 Friday, November 18th 

More than 50 Landrum Middle School students competed in the Annual Landrum Science Fair.  Over 40 projects were judged in five different categories. 

 Landrum congratulates all of our student scientists!


1st – Isabel Vitale             Seeing is Believing….or is it?

2nd – Ingrid Montans     Associations Between Students’ Mindset and Out of School Activities                 

3rd – Irene Park                Understanding Language

H.M. – Harper Ianella     Gender’s Effect on Color 

H.M. – Callen Caslib        Brand Name vs. Generic: Is There a                                                            Difference?                


1st – Cooper Combs and Yoyo Qu      The Effect of Temperature on Seed Germination

2nd – Vennela Doppalapudi                How Do Microwaves Affect a Plant’s Growth?

3rd – Jackson Bohsali                           NPK Ratio: Which One is Best for Radishes?

HM – Jocelyn Smith and Andrew Loo       Mass of Cosmos When Watered With Saline       

 Life Science

1st – Nat Bagnall             A Hypothesized Protein for the Digestion of Raw Kidney Beans

2nd – Connor Dunning      What is the Most Effective Way to Wash Hands?

3rd – Vai Miller                    How Water Type Affects the Risk of Bacterial Keratitis

HM – Colin Janik                The Effect of pH on Calcium Carbonate

HM – Sophia Pappas          Expired Food: Edible of Dangerous?


1st – Tig Williams and William Drew     CO2 Scrubber

2nd – Bhavesh Senthil Kumar                  Which Medicine Dissolves the Fastest?

3rd – Seth Dowling and Sam Marty        The Effect the Quantity of Yeast Has on Elephant Toothpaste

HM – Jared Bonham                                   Stain Busters


1st – Ryland Cherry                   The Madness Behind Moisture in Microwaves

2nd – Caroline Van Essendelft    Does an Increase in Condensation Nuclei Increase a Cloud’s Reflectivity?

3rd –  Jackson Miller                   Cleat Type vs. Playing Surface

HM – Rylee West                        Absorption Spectroscopy Using a Smartphone

HM – Dimitri Tsiplakos             Compost Water Heater

St. Johns County Science Fair

Tuesday, February 14th – First Coast Technical College St. Augustine




What do I need to do to participate in the Science Fair?

  1. Come up with a project idea.
  2. Fill out the Student Interest Form
  3. Attend Science Fair checkpoint meetings Tuesdays at 1:50 (Room 355-Mr. Anzelmo).
  4. Complete background research and develop a research plan.
  5. Complete all required paperwork and get project approval.
  6. Conduct experiment, create presentation, and compete in the Science Fair. 
Tentative DateTopicTasks to complete by next Tuesday
Tuesday Aug. 23rd 
  • First contact: Discuss project requirements
  • Discuss topics
  • Project Journal

Miss this meeting?  View these slides!

Week 1 Checkpoints 2022

  • Begin Project Journal, bring next week
Tuesday Aug. 30 
  • Discuss background research and bibliography
  • Rules wizard

Miss this meeting? View these slides!

Week 2 Checkpoints

  • Create bibliography with minimum of 5 sources
Tuesday, Sept. 6th
  1. Outline Research Plan Requirements
  2. Answer questions about form
  3. Discuss how to submit paperwork Miss this meeting?  View these slides.  Week 3 Checkpoints
  • Visit rules wizard and determine forms needed
  • Complete research plan
  • Complete paperwork
Tuesday, Sept. 13th 
  1. Review research plan
  2. Troubleshoot paperwork issues
  3. General Help

Miss this meeting?  View these slides Week-4-Checkpoints

  • Revise forms and research plan as needed
Tuesday, Sept. 20th
  2. General Help
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed

Tuesday Sept. 27th

  1. Paperwork revisions
  2. General  help Miss this meeting? View these slides 
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed

 Tuesday Nov. 2nd

Tuesday Nov. 8th 

Instructions for completing Final Project

Judging and presentation advice

Backboard handout
Tuesday, Nov. 15th

Final project due. 

Final meeting before Science Fair!


Friday, Nov. 18th

SCIENCE FAIR Preliminary Judging from 8-11 in Multi-purpose room.  
Friday, Dec. 3rd 


Project judging 9-11 in Media Center.  Students present their projects

February 9St. Johns County Science Fair 
End of MarchFlorida State Science and Engineering Fair 


Links related to your final project:

Participant Instructions for the Day of the Fair

Backboard requirements

Binder requirements



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