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St. Johns County Science Fair

State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida

Landrum Middle School Science Fair November 22, 2019

More than 65 Landrum Middle School students competed in the Annual Landrum Science Fair.  50 projects were judged in four different categories. 

 Landrum Middle School congratulates all of our student scientists!

 Behavioral 1

1st – Graysen Gaskins – The Influence of Language in Eyewitness Testimony

2nd – Valerie Reyes and Hannah Hayakawa – Are People Unconsciously Biased Towards Gender Roles?

3rd – Sofia McIntosh and Ella Holder  – Word Choices Effect on False Memory: the Correlation Between False Memory and Eyewitness Accuracy

Behavioral 2

1st – Althea Maya Uy  – Judging a Book By Its Cover

2nd – Natalia Engl and Katelyn Burns – Do Shapes Have Sounds?

3rd – Carly Thompson and Nina Lueck – Smell vs. Taste: Which is More Accurate When Determining Fruit?

HM – Charlotte Osol    –  Frightening Colors

HM – Madison Kowalski – Which Style of Dance Allows you to Burn the Most Calories?

 Life Science

1st – Samay Patel – Removing the Seed Coat: Beneficial or Detrimental?

2nd – Prasiddhi Pawani – Nutrients vs. Electrical Conductance on Plant Growth: A Correlative Analysis

3rd – Lila Kirkley  –   Dogs: Left or Right Pawed?

HM – Connor Foard  – Comparison of Ants vs. Geckos on a Shared Diet to Evaluate the Impact of Ants on Gecko Dietary Behavior


1st – Carter Magnano- Polyhydroxyalkanonate Biodegradable Plastics: A New Hope or Another Hoax?

2nd – Skylar Liu -Buffer Capacity of Different Types of Soils

3rd – Emily Glod – Which SPF Sunscreen Value Works Best?

HM – Sierra Schnabel – The Cool Blue Light of Luminol

Physics 1

1st – Noah Bartfield – Can An EEG Based Toy “Mindflex” Be Used to Turn A Lightbulb On and Off Using Mind Control?

2nd – Zarah Khan –  Clean Air? No Problem!

3rd –  Charlotte Peverley – Making More Putts: Flagstick In or Out?

HM – Jonathon Madson and Evan Redmond – Can Magnets Be Strengthened by Temperature?

HM – Emme Warwick and Zohar Ben Simon – Do Objects with Different Densities Float or Sink in Liquids With Different Densities?

Physics 2

1st – Garett Davidsen and Hunter Calamari – Does Height Affect the Distance a Sinker Weight Submerges  into a Non-Newtonian Fluid?

2nd – Wilson Wingate – The Best Type of Flood Barrier For Storms

3rd – Nate Wicker and Jimu Li – The Amount of Electromagnetic Radiation Absorbed by Different Objects

HM – Zach Servello  – How Bright’s That Light?

Trouble with the Abstract Form? Try this (copy into your browser):


Tuesday, Nov. 19th – 3 copies of abstract due

Thursday, Nov. 21st – Backboard due

Friday, Nov. 22nd – SCIENCE FAIR!  Judging from 8-11.             Open House to view projects and awards 6-7 pm.

What do I need to do to participate in the Science Fair?

  1. Come up with a project idea.
  2. Attend Science Fair checkpoint meetings starting Tuesday, August 20th.
  3. Complete background research and develop a research plan.
  4. Complete all required paperwork and get project approval.
  5. Conduct experiment, create a backboard, and compete in the Science Fair Friday, November 22nd.
Date Topic Tasks to complete by next Tuesday
20 August (Tues.)
  • First contact: Discuss project requirements
  • Discuss topics
  • Student Entry Form
  • Project Journal

Miss this meeting?  View these slides!

Week 1 Checkpoints

  • Complete Student Entry Form, return next week
  • Begin Project Journal, bring next week
27 August (Tues.)
  • Discuss background research and bibliography
  • Rules wizard

Miss this meeting? View these slides!

Week 2 Checkpoints

  • Create bibliography with minimum of 5 sources
10 Sept. (Tues.)  

  1. Outline Research Plan Requirements
  2. Answer questions about form
  3. Discuss how to submit paperwork Miss this meeting?  View these slides.  Week 3 Checkpoints
  • Visit rules wizard and determine forms needed
  • Complete research plan
  • Complete paperwork
17 Sept. (Tues.)
  1. Review research plan
  2. Troubleshoot paperwork issues
  3. General Help
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed
24 Sept. (Tues.)
  2. General Help
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed
1 Oct. – 29 Oct. (Tuesdays)
  1. Paperwork revisions
  2. General help
  • Revise forms and research plan as needed
12 Nov. (Tues.) Discuss Abstract and Binder.  
19 Nov. (Tues.) 3 PAPER COPIES of Abstract due.  Deliver to Rm. 355. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THEM TO MR. ANZELMO  
21 Nov. (Thurs.) Project Due.  Bring Backboard, Binder, and Journal to Mr. Anzelmo’s room  
Mr. Anzelmo will set up display boards in the multi-purpose room  
22 Nov. (Fri.)

SCIENCE FAIR! Judging from 8-12 in Landrum Multi-purpose room

OPEN HOUSE and Awards from 6-7 PM in Multi-purpose room.


Links related to your final project:

Participant Instructions for the Day of the Fair

Backboard requirements

Binder requirements

SSEF Abstract Form 2020


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